Ideamap is having a wide range of Products for Government as well as Non Government Customers. Our Products include Web Based Attendance Management System (WBALS), Vehicle Tracking System(TRACK), Complete Office Automation Solution (SMART Office), Payment Management System with Online Payment (PSM), Online Survey Tool with multi lingual support and Special features for the Blind Prople (SURVEYOR) and Coffee, Rubber and Tea plantation Management System (PLANTSOFT).
Our Products are highly customisable according toa customer's need with minimal interventions...




Web based Attendance Management System is an automated centralized solution for Attendance Management of Single as well as Distributed  Campuses around the Globe. Attendance can be captured using any of the most modern capturing devices like Biometric, RFID Cards or both. WBAMS accesses data from other campuses automatically with minimal manual interventions. Effective reports in the package makes it very useful for medium and large organizations which are having different campuses across the world. 


It is the only software now available in India that fully meets :
(a)  Government Service Rules, Govt of Kerala
(b)  Factories and Boilers Act of Govt. of Kerala 
(c)  Kerala State Library Rules.

Smart Office is an Office Automation Suite developed by Globalsoft. It has many modules like File Tracking System, Digital Record Repository, Discussion Forum and Inter Office Communication Suite, Employee Management, System Administration, Security and Management Information System and an extensive Reports Module. Its main features include online communication, chat rooms, authorisation through Digital Signature signing.


SMART OFFICE-    Improves Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Office Administration by automating the Organisational functions and  processes ...   


Smart Office has a 3 Tier Architecture viz., Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer and Data Layer

Payment Management System handles all the payments which are made through the customer site directly. It accepts cash payment, cheque and Card payment. The PMS Provides the Bank Reconciliation facility, so that the customer could know how much money collected per day with a couple of Mouse Clicks.


PMS support Online Payment, viz, the people across the globa can logon to the payment website and make their payment through Debit / Credit Cards and Net Banking. 


PMS and Online Payment System is built using Java in the front end and PostgreSQL database in the back end with a 3 Tier Architecture system ....

Location based Vehicle Tracking System - TRACK,  is a customised package fot Public / Ptivate Transport Passenger / Logistics Services.

Details of Vehicles can be captured using any of the most modern capturing devices like Active RFID Cards, Bluetooth Devices or Global Positioning System(GPS).

Location based Vehicle Tracking System accesses data from other locations automatically with minimal manual interventions. Effective reports in the package makes it very friendly and easily adaptable for a huge organisation which is having different campuses across the world. Our Project at KSRTC Pamba Depot is a successful one in this area using Active RFID system.

SURVEYOR - Online Survey Tool for NGOs and other Organisations, is a Web based tool for Conducting online surveys which are most suitable for NGOs, Voluntary Organisations and Publications and Print Media and Audio Visual Media. It also have audio aid for the hearing impaired.


Features include Online Questionnaire, Multi Language Support, Result Analysis, High level of Security and System Administration, Survey Topics to n levels, Result of survey with in one click and various Reports including MIS Reports which are a crucial part of decision makint to Management.


Designed in Java as front end and PostgreSQL as Backend. 

PLANTSOFT is a web based application for plantations in govt. and private sectors. It can be implemented independently or as a part of the ERP package ‘GEMS’. At present rubber plantation is covered. Modifications for covering other types of plantations are going on, which will be completed within few months.

Each and every aspects of the plantation sector is taken care of. It includes Estate, Unit, Coup, Task details with hierarchical (tree view) display. Provision to define main and sub work heads. Vacant & round tapping. Details of daily rubber collection at various collection stations. Details of general work assignment at each unit. DRC test details. Clone details. Enumeration of Seedling & Polybag nursery. Periodic enumeration of plantation area and different types of trees. Details of boundary fencing & fire line protection. Contract work details. Plantation/Re-plantation progress details. Cone wise yield rate research details.